Software and infrastructure

Springtech has developed multiple in-house software applications that support our internal research and trading. We crunch data every minute to drive our advanced trading algorithms and trade these signals using our software. Our software allows for both non-technical traders and skilled data scientists to develop and test algorithmic trading strategies. We are constantly improving our software and technical infrastructure for flexibility, speed and reliability. Our current software applications include:

Histcalcs: Springtech’s in-house data ingestion application.
Tech stack: C#, SignalR, SQL Server

StockTrack: Springtech’s in-house backtesting, optimization & live trading application.
Tech stack: C#, Python, SQL Server, Kubernetes, Docker, Azure

Springtech Analytics: Springtech’s trading analytics web-app with key metrics and charts. Updates live.
Tech stack: Plotly Dash (built on Plotly.js, React and Flask), Python, SQL Server

Screenshot 2019-04-17 12.28.48.png

data and machine learning

Springtech’s trading models are driven by a growing firehose of data. The chart below outlines how we currently leverage data and how this will continue to evolve in the near future.